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Snappy Structures Inc.
We Not Only Sell and Install Screen Enclosures - We are the Manufacturers
Ask yourself these few questions as you consider this addition to your home
(1). Are you able to enjoy outdoor living in the evenings " Bug Free " ?
(2). Do you spend considerable time and money cleaning debris from your pool and patio area?
(3). Is the chemical balance of your pool constantly fluctuating ?
(4). Do you find the temperature of your pool water uncomfortably warm during the summer months ?
(5). Are you afraid that a screen Enclosure might detract from the appearance of your home ?
Blueprints, construction details, load calculations and other pertinent data are all a part of the total package. Each structure is designed to meet or exceed local codes and customers desires. Keep in mind the durability and maintnance-free aspect of the total structure. Constant effort is expended to ensure modern and efficient deesign.