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Snappy Mfg And install custom aluminum and acrylic and glass structures


Snappy Structures Inc.

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You could Have This
Snappy retains an engineering firm that has been working with us since 1974 in the design and fabrication of custom pool enclosures. The firm is ready to work with architects to design enclosures to blend with any type installation.
Engineering Service.
Blueprints, construction details, load calculation, and other pertinent data are all a part of the total package provided. Each structure is designed to meet local building codes, always keeping in mind the durability and maintenance-free aspects pf the total structure, constant effort is expended to ensure the most modern and efficient design.
Design Considerations
The rectangular enclosure is most economical. Custom shapes such as round, and rounded end rectangular are available. We work directly with the designer on any custom shape
Electric Roof / Sliding Doors
The customized convertible enclosure offers the option of an electric roof. The roof can open from the top or bottom half of rhe rafter legnth. The open area is normally screened. It is operaed by 24 volt control and limit switches, which makes the roof completely automatic, safe, and foolproof. In northern climates 5/8" insulated tempered glass sliding doors are required; moderate climates may use single glazing. Screens are suggested to keep out debris and bugs thus reducing maintenance cost.
Customizing Your Enclosure
Masonary and Special sidewall construction is compatible to the Snappy structural system. In addition, special roofing to match adjoining buildings can be installed by local contractor.
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